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12 kitchen Timesavers  
that don't sacrifice taste
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6 Be smart about timing.
It pays to think about how best to coordinate the cooking of the various dishes that comprise your meal – smart planning can significantly reduce your overall working time. Start the pasta cooking water boiling just before beginning to make your pasta sauce; set the rice cooking before you wash and chop veggies; turn on the oven before attending to anything else, since it will take awhile for the oven to warm up to the proper temperature.

7 Recycle your leftovers
Some foods just don’t taste as good re-heated the next day – instead of nuking the flavor out of your leftovers, try re-using them in a new dish. When making steamed white rice to go along with stir-fries, for instance, I often make double the required amount, then use the leftover portion to make fried rice the next day. As another example, leftover pasta makes a tasty and filling addition to soups, and also tastes good pan-fried.

8 Buy de-skinned, de-boned meats.
This is particularly useful if you’re doing a stir-fry. If you’re feeling especially lazy, you can even get pre-cut bits of chicken and beef.

9 Before freezing packages of meat, divide them into convenient single meal-size portions—
To prevent the hassle of tugging/pulling/prying apart the precise amount you’ll need when it comes time to cook.

10 Freeze foods in thin layers whenever possible.
Thin layers will defrost far faster.

11 Small/thin bits of food cook faster.
So when you’re in a rush to get a meal on the table, go with angel hair rather than fettucine, sliced chicken rather than whole chicken breast, finely minced veggies rather than roughly chopped veggies.

12 Keep a few favorite exotic ingredients stocked
Sometimes the fastest way to get a delectably different-tasting dish is through the simple addition of a choice exotic ingredient. Since exotic ingredients have a tendency to be somewhat pricey, I like the ones that have a very strong flavor (so a little goes a long way) and that keep well. For me, these include capers, real parmigiano reggiano, dried shiitake mushrooms and sundried tomatoes – other possibilities include dried porcini mushrooms, strong-flavored cheeses (blue cheese, feta, romano/asiago), jars of antipasti (roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes), or kalamata olives.


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