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farmer jo, 
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cooking with ginger

by Joanna Piatek |
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Usually, when anyone I know is sick, I immediately ply him or her with hot ginger tea. In my opinion, there is nothing ginger tea can't cure: tummy trouble, hangovers, headaches, even the common cold. So this weekend as I lay on my couch mug of ginger tea in one hand, a box of tissues in the other I began to think about what Farmer Jo should do with herself now that the farmer's markets and family garden have given away to oversized mud puddles. 

In the midst of my sniffling, my mother called. "Helwo", I managed, with a self-pitying croak.

"So, is it time for gingerbread yet? It's December already. It's been almost a whole year," said my mother. "I'm hungry for some; my internal clock says its time." 

Well, good ideas come from all over, even the telephone. Ginger tea, gingerbread ginger's just a perfect winter spice. So this month, Farmer Jo is going to share her love of ginger with the world or, at the very least, the lovely readers at Digsmagazine. 

Fresh ginger is usually found near the other "special", more exotic veggies at the supermarket. Ginger is a tan-colored, nubby root. Choose firm, plump pieces with an unwrinkled, shiny skin. A wrinkled skin signifies an old root and the rich, sharp flavor of ginger diminishes with age. I find it easiest to keep fresh ginger root in the freezer just grate off whatever amount you need for a given dish, and pop the rest of the still frozen root back into the freezer for later use. Add a few large gratings to soups, stir fries, baked chicken, fish or even cookies. Chicken soup with ginger (and garlic) is guaranteed to do as much good for a cold as a round of Theraflu! Ginger is a versatile spice, equally at home in both sweet and savory dishes. 

Ready to spice it up with a little ginger?

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