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Include the word "magazine" in your website's name and I suppose it's inevitable that folks are going to wonder if there's a handy print version available for perusal. Every month or so since Digs first made its appearance online way back in 2000, I've fielded emails with the now-familiar query: So where I can I buy a copy of Digs? 

Well, after six years online, I'm excited to announce that Digs is finally expanding into the print world -- appearing not on newstands but on bookstore shelves, with the release of FIRST DIGS: The Quasi-Adult's Guide to Decorating with Style Without Blowing Your Budget. Produced in conjunction with the fine folks at the Philip Lief Group and published by St. Martin's Press (Griffin), it's a decorating book for the quasi-adult set, based in part on the lounge section of the website, but with plenty of new material as well. 

Packed with budget-conscious, renter-friendly advice, easy DIY projects and helpful illustrations, FIRST DIGS covers everything you need to know to find, decorate, organize and maintain a cool, comfy pad that's uniquely you. It's a handy comprehensive handbook that's practical and, I hope, plenty of fun to read too; it makes a perfect gift for new and recent grads, or anyone else looking for creative but down-to-earth decorating ideas.

You can find the book at a bookstore near you beginning May 2nd, 2006. Or help support Digs and get the book by clicking the amazon.com link to the right*

Thanks so much for your support, and I hope people enjoy the book!


*Here's the amazon.ca link for all you Canadian digsters:
First Digs: The Quasi-Adult's Guide to Decorating With Style

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