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8 Slick Tools for 
Mixing drinks in STYLE
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Once you’ve got your home bar stocked with the cocktail basics, you’ll need to get yourself a few essential tools before you can start shaking (or stirring) up those martinis like a seasoned pro. Fortunately the only true necessities are the cocktail shaker and a jigger – you can easily improvise if you’re lacking any of the other useful gadgets.

1 Cocktail Shaker
If you’re going to get serious about mixing drinks, you’ll need a good cocktail shaker, first and foremost. Cocktail shakers generally consist of two basic parts: a large bottom cup and a snugly- fitting lid (this is important: make sure that the top hugs the bottom relatively tightly … you’ll make quite a mess if you try to give your cocktail a good shake and liquid comes flying out because of a poor fit).
Metal shakers are preferable to glass shakers, and if you can find a shaker that has a strainer built into the lid, you’ll eliminate the need to purchase a separate strainer tool.

2 Jigger
Good bartending calls for exact measurements … cocktail-making novices especially would be advised not to take the lazy way out and approximate by eye.  The word jigger refers both to a common mixing 
measurement, equal to 1.5 oz., as well as to the standard bartender’s measuring tool (technically only the 1/5 oz. size should be called a jigger, but usually the 1 oz.-, ¾ oz.- and ½ oz.-sized cups will also be referred to as jiggers). Jiggers frequently come as two-sided tools, with a 1 oz. measure on one end and the 1.5 oz. measure on the other.
3 Measuring spoons
Highly useful when you need to add quantities that are under an ounce.


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