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surviving the bridal shower by Karri Peifer | 1 2 3 4 5 6
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Doing two shower activities at once is a good idea all around and works best with the two longest shower activities, the games and the opening of the gifts. The games are fun, cute little events thought up to further illustrate that this day is not just about gifts, but that it is, in fact, a bridal ritual. Shower gifts can be awarded to the bride whenever she answers or reads a game question, thereby speeding up the opening of the registry presents. Some of the more popular shower games are:

  • Bride Trivia: how well do the guests know the bride
  • Groom Trivia: how well does the bride know the groom
  • Bride-Groom Trivia: how well does the bride think that the groom knows her

It is usually best to keep the games at a minimum, but attendees normally expect that this will be part of the package, so a shower should include at least one. Beyond the games, there's another tradition that's a staple of wedding showers: the crafting of the bow-bouquet. As the bride opens her gifts, one of the bridesmaids collects the bows and fashions a bouquet for the bride to use at her rehearsal. This is done by cutting a whole through a paper plate and weaving the ribbons through it as well as adhering various bows to the trim. The ribbons can then serve as a base for the bride to clutch. Shower attendees seem unnaturally attached to this tradition, so it's best not to skip it. When it comes to bridal shower customs, there's no use fighting the system.

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Perhaps one of these days I'll meet the perfect man who will melt my cynical, single girl heart away and I'll find myself wearing something floral, with ruffles, wishing I never thought of the bridal shower as a war to be endured. Perhaps I'll look at my once close confidants as unlimited ATMs who should provide me with nonstop lavish events to celebrate my special day. But until then, I say it's a jungle out there and I've wielded some nice weapons to make sure I survive.


Karri Peifer is a writer living in Richmond, VA. She is currently undergoing stress management therapy due to the impeding nuptials of her entire urban family.


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