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raise the bar
tend a better home bar 
by Yee-Fan Sun |
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So you've got your digs stocked with the beginnings of a fab home bar. A good selection of liquor, a collection of lovely glassware, even a cool cocktail shaker you managed to snag for cheap on your last thrift shop excursion. High time, now, for you to throw a par-tay -- so you can play with your new goodies and show off your bartending skills. Only one potential snag in your grand party plans: what bartending skills? Relax, we're here to help…

name your poison
Whether you're throwing an intimate soirée or a ragin' hootenanny, pick a mixed drink (or two) and feature it as the evening's special. It's way easier to mix up a big round of a single drink to pass out to all your guests than it is to take individual orders from each and every person partying in your pad. If anyone has any special requests, you can do your best to accommodate them, but for the most part, I've found that folks are happy to drink whatever fun cocktail everyone else is quaffing.

Once you've decided what you'll be serving up for the evening, try the recipe before party time, tweaking it as necessary to suit your taste. Contrary to what most of us think in the early days of our liquor-consuming lives, a good drink should not be so strong that it knocks you out for the night, nor should it be so syrupy sweet that you can't taste the alcohol at all. Basically, you want something that's nicely balanced in its flavors. When you've hit upon that perfect formula, memorize it (or make a discreet cheat sheet if you must). There's something kind of awkward about watching a bartender fumble with a recipe in some big cocktail book, trying to figure out exactly what to do next; since most cocktails consist of less than a handful of ingredients, committing a recipe or two to memory really shouldn't tax the ol' noggin too terribly. Forget about how many ounces of this should go with how many tablespoons of that; it's much easier to remember how to mix up your favorite cocktails if you think in terms of ratio rather than specific quantities.

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