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i got you covered !
by Diana Goodman
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1 Hold all your album covers together are they the same size? Most album covers are 12-1/8" square, but some are larger by up to a 1/4". Cut off any excess if you've got an oversized one.
2 Using the ruler and exacto knife, cut three of the album covers in half (length-wise looks best). You'll have to measure 6 1/16" in from the edge (6 and a hair is fine. You don't have to be THAT exact.)
3 Glue the album covers closed. Use a small brush (or just your hand if you feel like getting messy) to glue the entire inside of the cover together. This strengthens the cover and makes it easier to work with. Let dry.
4 (Optional step) Cover the pieces in clear contact paper to "laminate" them. (This way they'll stand up to scratches and abuse better.)

top, bottom, sides
1 On the backs of four of the six half-pieces, mark a border 3/8" around the edges of three sides -- one long, two short.
2 On the long side, start from the 3/8" line and mark every 1-5/8".

TIP #1: Because of my total inability to remember which line on my ruler is 1/8", I like to measure it out on some paper or cardboard carefully and use that as a guide.

TIP #2: If the measurements don't meet up perfectly at the 3/8" border line, measure again backwards and place the grommet in between the two marks.

3 On the short sides, start from the 3/8" line and mark every 1-3/4".
4 Measure halfway up the long way, then, holding the ruler perpendicular to the 3/8" line, mark every 1-5/8".
5 Punch holes (using a knife or really sharp pen) on marks. (Don't forget the corners where the border lines meet!) If you are using 1/4" grommets, a hole punch will work. If you are using eyelets (and it's a good idea to do so, considering how many you'll be using in the end) a hole punch will be too big. Take a good ballpoint pen and use it to make a hole just big enough to fit the eyelet snugly.

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