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bathe in beauty spiff up your bathroom
by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3 4

Someday, perhaps, Iíll find myself living in the perfect house, in which every wall, every fixture, every light switch has been chosen lovingly by yours truly and carefully placed just so. This, at least, is the fantasy. But in the here and now, decorating my digs is more about making do than about making things perfect. And nowhere is that more the case than in the bathroom, which like most bathrooms in the non-design-magazine world, seems to consist largely of items I canít do a damn thing about Ė like the ancient built-in light fixtures that hang crooked and asymmetrical with respect to the mirror, which likewise sits cockeyed above the no-storage-space pedestal sink Ö we wonít even talk about the groddy bathtub, which no amount of scrubbing can ever render sparkling white again. So instead itís small changes I find myself making. Because even if you canít gut the bathroom Ė and letís face it, most of us find we have to work with what weíre given rather than start from scratch Ė there are plenty of relatively cheap and easy changes that can banish the blah from your bath space.

first things first: declutter
Pull out all those half-used bottles, containers, tubes, tubs and boxes that are no doubt threatening to topple over or spill forth from your medicine cabinet, shelving, vanity countertop, and drawers Ė thatís right, empty everything out, because itís time to do a thorough weeding. If your bathroom is anything like mine, chances are good youíll be able to toss out half the junk just on the basis that itís been sitting around for a couple of years and you havenít used it once. Do not keep anything around just on the off chance that you might someday find a use for it Ė by the time that day arrives, that pot of moisturizer/ sunblock/ facial scrub/ whatever will almost certainly be off-smelling/ totally ineffective/ dried-out/ basically unusable.

get organized
Now that you know exactly what youíre dealing with, stuff-wise, itís a good time to reassess your storage and organization situation. If your bathroom hasnít arrived complete with adequate stash space, take a look around to see if you can find any unused areas that could be put to better use. The area above the toilet, the corners of the room, the back of the bathroom door Ė basically, just about any empty wallspace offers prime potential for adding shelving (both wall shelving and corner shelving), hooks, or towel racks.

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