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home alone
seven days of the solo life 
by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3 4

There are many things I like to do alone. Shop for clothes. Shop for groceries. Go to weekend matinee showings of cheesy movies Iíd be far too embarrassed to admit to anyone I know that I actually want to see. Rent a movie with the same reasoning. Linger over an ice coffee and a good book at a nice cafť. Even, from time to time, travel solo in far-away places, with nothing for company except the buzz of crowded streets and hordes of strangers, my own thoughts bouncing around in my head. In short, I like to fancy myself a strong, independent sort of girl, the kind who knows how to have fun alone, the type who knows how to take care of herself.

I like being alone but Iíve never really lived alone. In college, there were roommates; post-college, Iíve lived with my sweetie. Iím a loner at heart, but not in practice, though most days, Iím so deliriously happy spending time with the boy that I forget to miss the joys of having no oneís needs to answer to beyond my own. Still, when my boy sometimes has to leave town for a night, a weekend, a week even -- as heíll do this week -- and for a change I have our little pink house all to myself, I get a little bit excited at the prospect of enjoying some good me-time. Even though I know Iíll miss him terribly of course.

the night before
Thursday night, he packs his clothes for a week-long academics-related trip to Illinois. I, meanwhile, make a list of everything Iím looking forward to doing during my brief break from the married-couple life:

things to do when home alone with no boy in the house (woo hoo!)
1 rent cheesy chick flicks, and cry if I want to
2 catch a chick flick at the theatre, and cry if I want to
3 cook a nice, elaborate meal that takes all afternoon to prepare, just for me
4 eat stinky foods that Iíd normally avoid because he wonít step within a one foot radius of me when he can smell them on my breath, specifically salt + vinegar kettle-cooked potato chips, which in my opinion are one of the few perfect foods in the world, lack of nutritive value aside
5 sleep diagonally on the bed at night, thus monopolizing the entirety of the sleeping space
7 turn the thermostat down as cold as I like at night
8 spend a whole Sunday reading a good, emotionally-wrenching book, maybe even of the Oprah-endorsed variety, and cry if I want to

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