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settle down now how to move to a new city and like it too by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3 
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3 Where it's at. Get the low-down on what's going on around town. Start picking up that free weekly; look online for music, arts and other events listings; read restaurant reviews, learn about cool venues, find out where the second-run cheapie movie theatre is located. You'll expand your cultural horizons, fill your weekends with fun, and get to know different areas of town too as you check out the city's clubs, galleries, theatres and more.

4 Talk talk (part one). Talk to new people. Yes, I know it's not easy, especially for those of us who are a little on the shy side. But trust me, fellow introverts: finding friends has been the number one key to making each city I've lived in feel like home, and well worth the trauma of that awkward getting-to-know-people stage. So introduce yourself to your neighbors; invite a few of your new co-workers over for some grilling and drinks; go to that dinner party next Saturday, never mind that the only person you'll know is the host. And if the usual suspects for potential friends don't work out, take more active measures. Join a community group, drop in at a Stitch-n-Bitch, take a yoga class, find an ultimate league, get in touch with your university alumni club -- just get yourself out there, and quit worrying so much about whether people are going to think you're a freak. The thing is, most people are so busy worrying about their own weirdnesses that they probably aren't even noticing yours anyway. And no matter how eccentric you are, there are like minds out there somewhere, just as eager to meet you as you are them.

5 Talk talk (part two). Of course, making new friends isn't an overnight process. Fortunately, technology makes keeping in touch with old buddies easier than ever. So talk to the old peeps too. Call old friends. If you haven't already discovered it, Skype is a godsend, allowing you to talk to and even see pals all over the world for absolutely free. Make use of it, and keep those links to your old life. It's a good way to ward off the occasional bouts of homesickness, and a nice reminder that you're not alone.

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