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settle down now how to move to a new city and like it too by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2
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6 Welcome, guests! Urge family and friends to visit. This, of course, works better in some locales than other -- moving to Edinburgh proved way more enticement for people to come visit than back when I lived in Tucson. But no matter what corner of the world you happen to be in, there are probably cool things to see and do. Pump them up when you talk to your loved ones; encourage folks to come on by. Of course, being able to offer a free bed will make houseguests all the more likely -- a good thing to keep in mind as you're furnishing your new space. Even if you're not blessed with an official second bedroom, having a futon or sofa bed around ensures that you can turn your living room or home office into a guest room at a moment's notice.

7 Wanna pet? Consider adopting a pet. In addition to providing you with excellent company, pets tend to impel perfect strangers to come talk to you without any effort on your part at all. Taking your dog to the park, you'll inevitably find yourself chatting with other proud dog-owners; when your way-more-outgoing-than-you pup makes friends with your neighbors, he'll pave the way for you as well. Outdoor cats work too, as they provide the perfect excuse for you to meet the people around you when you find yourself knocking on doors in search of your adventurous kitty. Yes, if your landlord is at all amenable to it and you're feeling ready for the responsibility, adding an adorable furry one to your household might be just the thing to help you get settled into your new life.

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Above all, though, give yourself time -- at least a year, maybe two, before you start really knowing how you feel about your new environs. Making a home isn't something that happens in a snap -- getting to know a city takes time, making friends takes time, feeling like you're connected takes time. Settling in is a gradual process. Embrace the adventure, and you'll feel at home soon enough.


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