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two bellies One week
part two: the meal diary |
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The cupboards are stocked; the fridge is full [read part I: the shopping list]. The $50 food week begins Ö

Breakfast Ė Nothing
My terrible habit of skipping breakfast can be directly attributed to the college days: no way was I going to relinquish any of that precious sleep-time for the sake of anything as unappetizing as a dining hall meal. For awhile after college, my boyfriend and I had forced ourselves back into the breakfast routine, but recently, thatís stopped again. I canít eat first thing in the morning, and then, by the time I realize Iím hungry, itís nearly 11 am and too close to lunch.

Lunch for two Ė
Tuna Salad
[2 cans tuna, Ĺ granny smith apple, mayonnaise, salt + pepper]
Italian Bread [about 1/3 loaf]
Orange juice [2 glasses]
On this I will not waver: Thereís just no point of eating a sandwich if youíre not going to bother to get halfway decent bread. If you MUST use the pre-sliced stuff, at least make it multi-grain, or something with a similarly interesting texture. At any rate, we used our Italian loaf as a base for the tuna salad. The first time someone suggested apples in tuna salad to me, I was moderately repulsed Ė fruit and mayonnaise? Ewwwww. Now itís the only way Iíll eat tuna. The sweet/tart crunchiness of a granny smith goes perfectly with smushy, salty tuna. Plus itís a really good way to use those apples that have been sitting around in your fridge for ages and are now just a tad too scary to ingest straight up.

Dinner for two Ė
Garlicky Spinach with Rice
[1 bunch spinach, 3 cloves garlic, 1Ĺ cups rice] 
I adore foods of all sorts of flavors and textures, but lately, my dietís become just a tad too meaty. I like the occasional stir-fried chicken, beef noodle soup, or steamed lobster far too much to ever become vegetarian, but I feel healthier when Iím only doing the carnivorous thing once or twice a week. So tonight, weíve eaten two large bowls of garlicky spinach rice Ė itís a light meal, but yummy. You canít really go wrong with olive oil and garlic.

Breakfast Ė Nothing
Yet again, a straight-to-the-computer-to-work sort of morning.

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