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do-it-yourself diner food
by Amy Nicholson
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citrus-green onion coleslaw with walnuts
A sharper, crunchier alternative to the typical drippy mayo side, this coleslaw goes with everything from grilled sandwiches and fish to barbecues and picnics.

roughly 4 cups chopped cabbage (any kind, but napa is great)
1 large cucumber, grated and squeezed of extra water
1 large sweet orange, segmented and cut into half-inch pieces
good-sized handful of chopped walnuts (pecans are also fine)
healthy dose of green onions, slivered lengthwise and cut into one inch pieces

3/4 cup plain yogurt
cup sour cream

Splash of balsamic vinegar
Salt, fresh pepper, pinch of sugar

Whisk dressing ingredients in separate bowl and then toss with everything else. Chill for a few hours until the flavors mature.

fruit salad combinations
Canned and tasteless what? Pick your own favorite fruits and glamorize them with the proper spices, and even a splash of booze-purely for elegance's sake, of course. Toss the liquids together, then drizzle over the bite-sized pieces of fruit. Chill beforehand if you like, though these are just as good fresh.

Try these:
Watermelon with tequila, lime and sugar
Cantaloupe with port wine and honey
Cherries with kirsch and vanilla yogurt
Pears with Kaluha and vanilla yogurt
Bananas with rum, honey and strawberry yogurt

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Onward, diner afficionados, and whip up some delicious comfort food of your own. I'm sure Flo will miss you, but maybe can slip her your own favorite crazy sandwich recipe the next time leave her a tip.


Amy Nicholson is a theater critic in Los Angeles. When not sitting through one bad play after another in search of an artistic revelation, she pesters her friends by asking what they had for dinner and keeps tabs on the cheapest places to find amaretto and imported sardines.

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