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red,  white + blue(berry):  3 side dishes for your 4th of july cook-out 
by Yee-Fan Sun
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While Iím all for creative cuisine, certain occasions demand sticking with good olí traditional eats. Thanksgiving isnít Thanksgiving without a beautifully browned stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, and a mile-high fresh baked apple pie. The eating is a central part of the tradition, and woe to the cook who dares to mess with the tried and true dishes on holidays such as these. Which is why each Fourth of July, I donít want to be eating anything other than fat juicy burgers, brats and other grilled goodies, outdoor foods that let me sit outside and enjoy the summer. Never mind that summer, here in Tucson, isnít generally so terribly enjoyable a season to be outdoors, given the 100+ temps and scorching sunshine. Like I said, itís all about the tradition.

So while Iíd never think to substitute the burgers and barbecue chicken and sausages, the corn on the cob or fresh lemonade, thereís still room for some fun in the kitchen. Confine your experimenting to your side dishes, serve Ďem up alongside the old favorites, and youíll be sure to appease your inner gourmet Ė and your picky guests Ė all at the same time.

pasta salad with fresh mozzarella, basil + sun-dried tomato dressing 
perfect potato salad
strawberry + goat cheese salad with blueberry vinaigrette

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