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waffling two roads on the way to 
scrumptious waffles
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5 tips for perfect waffling
1. You absolutely must remember to preheat the waffle maker. So before you start playing around with your batter ingredients, get that machine plugged in. Many models have a light that goes off once the unit has heated up to the proper temperature; donít get impatient and put in the batter before itís ready. Trust me, you wonít like the results.

2. For lighter waffles, separate the eggs and whip the whites before folding them into the batter. If youíre lazy, or for some inexplicable reason, actually prefer your waffles to be more rubbery-dense in consistency, feel free to dump in the whole egg.

3. Donít overfill the waffle maker; itíll just ooze out the sides and make a big olí mess over your countertop. A 1/3 cup or so seems to do it for my waffle maker, but your machine might require a little more or a little less. Remember, you donít have to fill it with batter all the way to the edges, since itíll spread once you put the lid down.

4. Resist all urges to check the waffles too often. Let them sit in the waffle maker at least three minutes, then check on them. If thereís much resistance when you try and lift the lid, donít fight it: this is generally a sign that your waffle needs more time. Most waffle makers cook waffles in 3-5 minutes, but it will take a little experimenting to find out exactly how long your particular machine takes to yield that perfectly-cooked waffle. A finished waffle should have a deep, rich golden-brown color and a firm crust (if you press your finger on the top and itís still quite spongy, close the lid and cook the waffle longer).

5. Eat your waffles immediately. If you let them sit out too long, theyíll rapidly begin to get soggy. You can keep waffles warm in an oven heated at 250F, but Iíd still recommend serving them within five minutes or so.


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