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It began sometime ago now, though I can't exactly say when: my obsession with setting up house.

For the two years immediately following college, I'd happily bounced from city to city, country to country, only occasionally returning back "home" to my parents' place in Massachusetts when an uncertainty about what to do next with my life deemed it necessary.  But at some point near the end of this nomadic period, it began to be worrisome that I never knew where I was going to be, two months down the line. I realized that I now felt rootless -- that my parents home no longer really felt like it was my home.  I wanted a home of my own.

And so, even before I decided to uproot myself and move to Tucson to be with the boyfriend, dreams of exotic travels to Spain, Greece, Egypt, Japan, had been supplanted by visions of linens and houseplants, furniture and kitchen appliances. At the newsstand, I stopped reaching for Glamour and Cosmo, gravitating instead towards the tantalizing pictures of Metropolitan Home's sleek interiors.  

Only one problem: impossibly stark, and reeking of money I unfortunately didn't possess, none of the homes that I saw in the magazines looked like homes that a real person could live in.  So where's a girl to go for advice when she wants to live beautifully, but without going completely broke?

For most of us, these twenty-something years are the beginning of our adult life.  It's a monumental event when the day comes to officially pack up and move out of the parental nest. Thrust out suddenly into the big scary adult world, it takes awhile before we begin to settle in and make a real home for ourselves.  Digs aims to make that transition a little easier and a lot more fun.  It's about first apartments and first houses, and learning those important adult-world skills -- how to cook a tasty meal in less than 30 minutes,  what to do when you've got 6 boxes of books and seemingly nowhere to store them, how to fix that funky lamp you bought at a thrift shop and brought home to discover didn't work -- that you really wish they had taught you in college.

So welcome to DigsMagazine.  Thanks for visiting ... and come back again soon!


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