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3 ways you can help digs
As anyone who's spent anytime online in the last year or so is aware, it's not easy keeping a site up and running in this ever-changing internet economy. It's a sad but all-too-true fact that great sites disappear all the time ... which is why I'm working so hard to make sure Digs continues to flourish. 

I frequently receive emails from you fabulous readers asking how you can help to ensure Digs stays online. If you like what you see here at Digs and would like to give us a hand, here are three ways to make a difference:

1 Shop digsShop. Click on any of our links to amazon through the bookstore and video aisle (we provide our favorite picks, as well as a handy search box to let you hunt down any specific items you're looking to buy), and a portion of the sales from any purchase that you make will go towards supporting Digs. You can also check out our goodies section for housewares, kitchen tools and more.

2 Donate directly to Digs. Maybe you just don't have any need for more books, DVDs, or the like. Maybe you don't like to shop online. You can still help Digs by making a direct donation to us through Paypal. Simply click on the button below, and you can specify however much you're able to contribute -- whether it's $2, $10, or (gasp! we'll love you forever) more, your support will be very much appreciated.

3 Visit the site often. With new content added every Monday and Thursday, plus an easy-to-browse archive of past articles (located at the bottom of each department's central page), there's always plenty to explore at Digs. Read articles, bond with fellow quasi-adults in our wonderful boards community, send digsCards to friends and relatives, and do whatever you can to spread the word about Digs to everyone you know. (And if from time to time, you'd take the time to visit some of our sponsors by clicking on the ads you see at the top of each page, that would be terrific too.)

Thanks, everyone, for all your support and encouragement! 


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