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flick pick | After Hours 1985
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette
Language: English
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darkly comic

Plot synopsis At a coffee shop one evening, bored office worker Paul Hackett meets a strange but beautiful young woman named Marci, and manages to get her telephone number. Later that night, alone in his apartment, he calls her up. When she tells him to come over, he rushes off to meet her at her friendís place in SoHo, certain that this is going to be his lucky night. Instead, itís the beginning of a series of chance encounters with mysterious women and eccentric strangers that turn this night into the longest and most nightmarishly bizarre of his life.

Review Scorsese does a comedy? Well, sort of Ö this is no light-hearted piece of hilarity, but rather, a very black comedy about a normal, everyday guy drawn into the weird and labyrinthine world that is New York after hours. The movie delivers its laughs Ė and there are quite a few Ė primarily by virtue of its sheer outrageousness, but itís also a very well-crafted film Ö youíll find yourself quite impressed at the end at how cleverly all the seemingly random events that have taken place are made to connect.



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