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light my fire how to host a barbecue
by Yee-Fan Sun
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hen it's ninety degrees out and the sun's a-blazing, the last thing any sane person wants to do is spend the whole day sweating away in the kitchen over some hopelessly complex 10-course meal. Nope, summer's meant for relaxation -- and that goes for the host/ess as well as the guests. Summer entertaining's all about maximum fun at minimum effort. Which is why the good old-fashioned barbecue is such a perfect summer tradition.

Whether you're looking to make use of your apartment balcony, show off your nice green lawn, or hang out by the pool (lucky you!), the barbecue's a great way to get the party out of the stuffy indoors and into the fresh outdoor air. Hosting your very first cookout? Check out our guide on planning and hosting a perfect barbecue…

Barbecues typically take place in the afternoon or early evening, but the specific timing of your event will probably depend on what the climate's like 'round your parts and who you're inviting to your get-together. If you live somewhere relatively mild, you can begin the party pretty much whenever you want, but for those in toastier climes, a later start-time might make more sense, so you and your guests don't melt away in the brutal midday sun. When the guest list has a lot of kids on the other hand, an earlier start time ensures that young 'uns don't poop out and get cranky before the food's even ready.

Whatever you decide for the timing of your gathering, make sure that when you send out your invites, you indicate when guests can start showing up and when you expect to serve food. As barbecues tend to be low-key affairs, you'll probably find that people will come and go as they please; giving them a rough idea of what's going on when will help guests plan their schedules accordingly.

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