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light my fire how to host a barbecue 
by Yee-Fan Sun
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sights and sounds
Sunshine and the great outdoors are the only real décor you need at a barbecue, so there's no need to go crazy in the way of additional decorating. But a few simple touches can help to make everyone comfortable. As the party moves from day to night, for instance, you'll start to lose natural light and begin to be plagued by bugs. Solve both problems at once by making liberal use of citronella candles and citronella torches. For additional illumination, you can also co-opt Christmas tree lights and string them along your patio or balcony. And as with any party, a steady soundtrack is essential. Dig out that old boom box and plug it in on the patio, or open up your windows and aim the speakers outside.

fun and games
Sure, good food, drink and conversation might be plenty to keep everyone entertained well into the night, but it never hurts to have additional entertainment on hand as well. If you have the lawn space, get some games going. Croquet, horseshoes, or bocce are good lazy activities; if you're up for a little more action, set up a net for some volleyball or get a whiffleball game started. Lacking any semblance of a yard? No need to despair. For apartment dwellers whose outdoor space is limited, set out a few decks of cards plus some poker chips, or get the board games going.

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With some simple planning, even the grill newbie can host a barbecue that's low on stress, high on fun -- in short, everything summer should be. So what are you waiting for? Light up that grill, and invite all your friends over.


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