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Maybe you think youíre too cool for board games. Sometime around age eleven, twelve, thirteen, you made a decision to renounce Monopoly and Connect 4, and havenít looked back since. In the excitement of discovering the fine art of hanging out, you promptly forgot about the many, many hours you happily whiled away rolling dice, spinning wheels, drawing cards, answering questions, moving a little plastic piece from start to finish, all in the name of a little friendly competition.

Yeah, board games are dorky. Theyíre also a lot of fun, and heaps more interactive than staring at the boob tube. Laze away the Sunday after a big party by breaking out a board game. Or host a game night, complete with multiple game stations and munchies galore. Award prizes if you want to encourage the competitive spirit, or keep things relaxed by ditching the board, gathering round in a circle, and playing the games without keeping score. A guide to some of our favorite boredom-busting board games Ö

Get creative
Balderdash |
Balderdash is a great game for anyone who loves words. Players write down fake definitions to obscure words, then guess which is the real answer. Points are scored both if you guess the right definition, and if other people pick your made-up answer. What makes it really fun is that it actually rewards creativity above knowledge Ė you get more points for having people pick your answer than for guessing correctly -- which means you donít have to be a walking dictionary to kick some serious butt at the game. Unfortunately you canít buy original Balderdash anymore Ė itís been replaced by the new, supposedly "improved" Beyond Balderdash, which expands beyond the original crazy words to include history dates, initials, movie titles and people. For those of us who still prefer keeping the wackiness word-oriented, you can play your own version of Balderdash, popularly referred to as Dictionary, by choosing words from any good dictionary.

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