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Scrabble | Scrabble’s such a good lazy evening game, unless you’re playing with someone like my college friend Timur, who knows all the cheap, lame-o, points-yielding words from the Scrabble dictionary. This classic crossword game is actually most fun when you set aside the score pad, toss away strategy (like preventing anyone else from getting those coveted triple word score spots!), and concentrate instead on putting down the coolest words you can come up with.

Get loud 
Taboo | Taboo stresses me out. It sounds so easy – get your team to say a word or phrase by giving them verbal clues. But here’s the catch: you’ll be forbidden to use any of the most commonly associated words and phrases. And while you’re trying to go all stream-of-consciousness and find other associations that’ll lead your team to shout out the right answer, someone on the other team will be listening very, very, attentively to every syllable that slips out your mouth, just waiting for the opportunity to press that obnoxious Taboo buzzer should you utter one of the disallowed words. Which, nine times out of ten, you will without even realizing it. Still, everyone else in the world seems to adore this game, which admittedly is very fast-paced, and can lead to a lot of laughs.

Outburst | Outburst is essentially a board game version of that old TV game show, Family Feud. Only, you know, minus the family bit of it. Players divide into two teams, and teams take turns shouting out answers to topics like "famous cigar smokers" and "Famous Paris Landmarks." The catch, however, is that you only score points when you shout an answer that’s among the ten listed on the cards (I’ve been told that the answers were collected from a survey of people in New York City, an important factor to keep in mind when you’re guessing). As with Balderdash, the game’s makers decided to make a bigger, "better" version called Ultimate Outburst – and as is generally the case in such situations, it’s not nearly as fun as the original.

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