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brunch time how to host a brunch 
by Yee-Fan Sun 
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and to drink?
Have coffee and tea ready for when your guests arrive, as well as a few options for juice. Or if you want to snazz up your drink offerings, try some breakfast cocktails.

When it comes to brunch-time cocktails, champagne is the undisputed alcoholic base of choice. It mixes beautifully with a little bit of fruit juice. Try any of these champagne-based cocktails, or experiment with a different juice of your choosing. For each of these drinks, fill a champagne glass about full with juice, then top with champagne.

Mimosa: For extra style points, make these with orange juice you've squeezed fresh yourself; this is really the best and proper way to make your mimosas, and everyone's taste buds will surely thank you for your efforts (with an electric citrus juicer, it doesn't even take all that long). If you absolutely must go with store-bought juice, though, at least make sure to get the not-from-concentrate variety.

Cranberry fizz: For extra fancy-pants points, you can garnish by dropping a few fresh cranberries in the bottom of the glass before you pour in the cranberry juice and champagne.

Easy Bellinis: An authentic Bellini involves tracking down some ripe fresh white peaches, then peeling and pitting and pureeing and straining. While this will yield you a superlative peach puree for your Bellini, it can be next to impossible to get your hands on good white peaches outside of the summer. And it's a heck of a lot of work to peel and pit all those peaches to boot. Fortunately, you can get good quality peach nectar at a decent supermarket. Make sure what you're getting is 100% peach (organic supermarkets might have better options), and not some sugar-syrup-laden concoction.

Of course, not everyone's up for drinking first thing in the day. You can go non-alcoholic with any of these beverages by substituting sparkling water for the champagne.

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