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brunch time how to host a brunch 
by Yee-Fan Sun 
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the little touches
As with any gathering, music is a must at your brunch. It creates a certain mood; it helps mask any awkward pauses in conversation. As you'll likely be going for a happy-chill sort of vibe, choose music that's fairly mellow and conducive to relaxed conversation. Anything too relentlessly peppy is a bad idea; remember that some of us -- like yours truly -- need to ease into our days, and the music we hear first thing in the morning should help us do this gently.

Brunches are great for everyday mingling with friends, but they're also a nice way to celebrate bridal and baby showers, birthdays and more. To make the occasion extra special, go that extra step with your hosting and theme out your brunch. 

With spring well on its way, for example, it's a fab time to host a garden party; even if your city apartment is lacking in outdoor entertaining space, you can bring a little bit of nature inside with potted spring flowers and Astroturf placemats, maybe some mini terracotta pots holding tea candles. Looking for something a little more laidback? Have a Lazy Day brunch. Encourage guests to dress comfy -- heck, even, pjs are fine. Stock plenty of board games and play mindless movies in the background; have magazines and newspapers on hand, and copies of the daily crossword puzzle for folks to mull over while they chat and nibble.

With plenty of good eats and a nice, relaxed ambience courtesy of you, the fabulous host, that first brunch you host is sure to convert even the most dedicated of night owls. You'll finally concede that after all these years, mom was right: breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. What you hadn't realized until now was that it could be this much fun.


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