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6 Red light bulbs | Red light bulbs are a cheap and easy way to give your pad an instant party makeover, which is why I pretty much always have them sitting in the cupboards, regardless of the time of year; you can pick them up at just about any hardware or home improvement store. But for Halloween, red seems even more appropriate than usual: come party time, just replace regular bulbs with red bulbs, to give your party pad a creepy-sexy crimson-tinged cast.

7 Red lipstick | A little tube of cheap red lipstick has plenty of fright night decorating potential. Evoke The Shining and use the lipstick to scribble an ominous “RED RUM” on a cleanable area of wall (tile works dandy; otherwise, hang a frame and write on the glass) opposite the bathroom mirror. Alternatively, scrawl other scary threats and pleas -- on the shower door, on the hall mirror, on windows.

8 Food coloring | It's not just for decorating sugar cookies! Add red food coloring to water to create a bloody base for floating candles, or try mixing red, green and blue dyes to get an inky purple-black backdrop that's as dark as the Halloween night sky (check out the how-to at hgtv.com).

9 Dead flowers | Treat yourself to a lovely bouquet of roses right about, oh, now. Let yourself enjoy them in their pretty blooming state for a few days, then take them out of the water and let them dry out. (Hanging them upside down helps to speed up the process and preserve shape.) Pop the dessicated blooms into a vase come Halloween, or spray paint them black for an extra-morbid touch.

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So this Halloween, save yourself from the horrors of going way over party budget. Skip the party store plastic décor, scour your cupboards for supplies, get those creative juices flowing, and start crafting!



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