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devilish delights  
spooky treats for your Halloween fete 

by Yee-Fan Sun
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used to think that while disturbing was a good quality in most things Halloween, when it came to food, I preferred to skip the scary stuff. I'd seen far too many Halloween eats in which gross-out verisimilitude had clearly taken precedence over actual flavor. Call me crazy, but I like my food to taste good. So in years past, when it came time to start gearing up for Halloween, I left the creepy to the house décor and played it safe with standard party eats like mini-quiches and party pizzas, making a nod to the holiday at hand with pretty little mini pumpkin pies and decorated sugar cookies.

Then, I saw the (eerie Halloween) light. While scouring Halloween websites for decorating ideas, I came across several that featured a recipe for Witches' Finger cookies. The cookies looked amazingly finger-like; the recipe, on the other hand, sounded a whole lot like my normal sugar cookie recipe. On a whim, I decided to give the cookies a go, figuring that if the first batch turned out to be a disaster, I could always use the remaining dough to make my usual Halloween cookie-cutter-formed treats. But the Witches' Fingers turned out stunningly well. And thus, I began the quest for more Halloween-themed treats.

Looking for new ideas for the food table at your upcoming Halloween hootenanny? Give these recipes a whirl. Some of them draw their Halloween-appropriateness from their uncanny resemblance to disembodied body parts; others derive their eerie-factor from creative naming or a simple decoration. All have one thing in common, though: they'll look fabulous on your Halloween table, and taste good too. the final touches
As a final accent, of course, don't forget to garnish with plastic and rubber spiders, rats, bats, snakes, and other creepy-crawlies galore. 

It's also a good idea to make a small card or tag to go along with each dish. List the name of the dish (e.g. blood and guts) followed by a more helpful description (salsa and guacamole). 

scuttle on this direction for some ghoulish goodies...


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