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bliss out homemade spa treatments
by Stacy Conradt |
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After a stressful week -- whether it be from work, school, money or because your favorite pair of jeans is suddenly a bit too snug -- you deserve a soothing day at the spa. But you don't deserve to pay $150 for a massage, $70 for a facial and $60 for a mani/pedi. Especially when you can create your own de-stressing remedies at home for a mere fraction of that cost.

Of course, not all DIY pampering tricks are created equal, which is why I've been testing home remedies for all sorts of maladies, trying the old mayonnaise hair mask trick so you don't have to. (Yes, I'm here to confirm: yogurt smells a whole lot better, and works just as well.) So here's the roundup of my favorite DIY spa recipes. Now quit waiting for your next paycheck to indulge in a little spa therapy; raid your cupboards, get mixing, then kick back and let these simple goodies do their magic.

Note: Be sure to test these concoctions on a small patch of skin or hair before you go whole-hog.

the aspirin/salt mask
I recently tried this after reading about it on a beauty forum -- and was just as skeptical as you probably are right now. I know; it seems too simple and too cheap to do the trick. But true to what the beauty forum told me, the aspirin mask left my skin positively glowing.

what you need | A bottle of non-coated aspirin (any brand will do just fine) and a wee bit of moisturizer.

what to do | Mash up 6-10 uncoated aspirin in a small dish or bowl. I find using the back of a spoon works best. Mix with the moisturizer until the consistency is that of a fine paste -- it should not be runny. If it is, feel free to add another aspirin or two. Apply to face and/or neck. Let dry completely, then rinse off with warm water, rubbing in small circles to exfoliate.

If you're in a hurry, you can use it just as a wet exfoliator -- don't bother waiting for it to dry, just massage it into your skin and rinse off.

If you don't have uncoated aspirin on hand, try using Epsom salt, which draws out impurities. As a bonus, you can throw a handful into your bath water and soak in it to soothe tired muscles!

yogurt mask 
Believe it or not, yogurt is a great moisturizer and helps soothe red spots and pimples! For a 49-cent container of yogurt and 15 cents worth of sugar, baby-soft skin can be yours.

what you need |

  • One container of yogurt (the single-serving size), preferably plain, but I once used strawberry in a pinch and it worked just fine.
  • A cup or so of sugar.

what to do | You will probably want to pull your hair back before you start, to avoid getting yogurt in your hair. Then just mix the two ingredients together and apply the mixture to your face. You can leave it there like a mask, or massage into your skin to improve circulation.

When you're ready to remove the mask, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. Voila -- you'll be left with incredibly soft skin, and any pimples should now be reduced in redness.

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