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first things first tips for moving into your new apartment by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3
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For stuff like telephone, cable and the all-critical broadband, meanwhile, you'll likely need to do some scouting around to figure out which company offers the best services and value. While you're at it, now's a good time to look into renter's insurance too, which some leases may even require you to have in place before you move in. (Regardless, you really do need it; apartments get broken into, as too many folks I know have found out firsthand, and even if you live fairly minimally, once you tally up the value of stuff like computers, bikes, stereo, TV and the like it can add up to a fair amount.) Do your research and again, if at all possible, try and get that stuff set up in advance so it's all ready to go come move-in day.

the move-in toolkit
Whether you're working with a mover or transporting everything yourself, it pays to put together a special kit of move-in necessities, stuff that will accompany you when you move in, things that can be accessed immediately. If carrying some of these isn't conducive to however you're traveling to your new abode (like, you might not want to take a vacuum cleaner with you on the plane), put items on a "to-buy right away" list for when you actually get to wherever you're going. 

Some of the stuff you might want to have handy:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • mop, dustpan and brush, sponges and rags
  • sleeping bags, pillows and sleeping pads if you'll have a wait before your bed actually shows up
  • enough clothing to tide you over till the movers show up/you get unpacked
  • food to keep your energy up while you make the big move, plus some basic utensils and dishware to allow for semi-civilized dining (disposable works fine)
  • basic toiletries and towel, a roll of toilet paper (or at least a pack of tissues in case the need to visit the bathroom strikes before you get a chance to stock up at the supermarket)
  • shower curtain and rings, assuming the new bathroom requires them (you'll want to be able to bathe after getting all sweaty from the move)
  • a good book or two for when you need a break from the move-in madness
  • important documents and contact numbers -- lease, any paperwork having to do with your move
  • a notebook and pen -- for all those lists that you should be making to ensure the smoothest transition possible. Keep your notebook handy to jot down things to do/buy as they come to you, and cross things off as you go!

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