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first things first
tips for moving into your new apartment

by Yee-Fan Sun
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Yes, it's summer, and for many of us, this time of year seems to mean one thing: moving house. Whether it's because we've just graduated from school and are finally making our way out into the working world, because we're moving on to a new job or the next phase of our education, or just because, hey, it's high time for a change of scenery, moves are always kind of exciting -- offering the thrill of the new and the wonder of possibility, a chance for a fresh start.

Like many folks, I'm getting ready to move now, and though I'm still neck-deep in the packing phase (almost literally, mind you; the tower of boxes now surrounds me like a fortress) I'm starting to feel a little bit of the excitement, a much-needed balance to the stress that's been plaguing me for weeks. As I slowly cross things off my to-do list and organize the bit of chaos known as my belongings into neat, transportable form, I'm getting ever closer to the good part -- moving into my cool new digs.

Of course, move-in day will bring a whole host of new to-dos for my list. There are all those boxes that'll need to be opened, each carefully packed item unwrapped as I rediscover all my goodies anew. There's the new furniture that'll need to be bought; there are the big blank walls that'll need to be pepped up with artwork and photos. And before all that fun stuff happens, there's a little prep work still left to do too.

Yes, before you dive into the decorating, it pays to take care of a few little things. If you're getting ready to move into a new space, or if you've just been handed the keys, check out these tips on the first things you should do when you finally get yourself into the new nest...

a little foresight
Unless you really relish the idea of roughing it during your first week plus in your new abode, get those utilities (electricity, gas, water/sewer) set up before you actually move in. Check your lease first to see which, if any, utilities are included in your monthly rent; if any utilities are supposed to be taken care of as part of the terms of your lease, confirm that they'll be ready to go when you move in, or find out if there's anything you need to do to set them up.

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