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keep the change 
by Ashlin Salisbury |
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The glorious freedom of college had ended, and I was off to the real world to find a serious, "grown up" career. I had a summer job as a barista to tide me over until I could find what I was looking for, but eventually I decided that leaving my home state of Oregon would offer a better chance at getting the job in journalism I coveted. In the span of three days, I had picked up and moved to Utah. Three months after I landed my proofreading job, however, something didn't feel right. I couldn't quite pin it down, and eventually the feeling settled to wait in the background. Another three months went by and the feeling came back in full force. I didn't get it: my job paid well, had extremely good benefits, and I got along with my coworkers. I liked my apartment, was collecting a great group of friends and my pets seemed to be generally healthy and happy. Still, I was antsy. I've now been at the same job for almost two years, and about every three months this restless feeling comes back. Even when life seems to be rolling along just fine, I can't help but wonder: isn't it time for a change?

Back when we were kids, change seemed to come without even thinking about it. When summer was out in full force, for instance, every day was a new game. One day you would play tag, another you could build mud pies, the day after that you might climb the hedge in the backyard and spy on your neighbors. As a kid in summer, the sky really was the limit. The only thing that remained the same from one day to the next was that you ate three times a day and went to sleep at night. Beyond that, anything seemed possible, and each morning you woke up knowing that the day ahead of you would be different from the one you enjoyed the day before.

When school was in session, life took on a more predictable schedule. Still, throughout the course of each day, classroom subjects changed. One moment you'd be studying tree frog habitats; later you'd finger-paint works of art. You'd learn what 1x2 is, then switch to studying Spanish. On the social front as well, change was inevitable; you tried your best to keep friends from one year to the next, but they too changed as everyone was shuffled around to fit in classrooms.

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