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Open hOUSE
a gallery

Because, as our English teachers used to always chide: "Show, don’t tell!", Digs brings you the Open House gallery, a place to take a peep into some real quasi-adult homes. Offering some talk* but mostly images galore ... 

*For fun facts about each of these homes, click on the "about these digs" link that'll appear in the upper right corner of the gallery window

Featured home: 
Back in 2005, Eve generously invited us in for a look around the smashingly cool, art-filled, color-saturated digs she was sharing with her husband Jason. Fast-forward a few years, throw in an on-the-whim abode makeover, add a new member to the household, and voila: Same old space. Same fabulous style. Completely different décor. Mosey in for a tour of their retro-cool roost

peek in ...

take a peek!

NOTE: You may need to temporarily allow pop-ups from this site in order to view the Open House pictures.


Want to show us how you live? We’re looking for images of real digs to feature in Open House!

Show us the big picture or zoom in on your favorite details, walk us around the outside or take us indoors – give us a sense of what it is that makes your nest distinctly you. Send us an e-mail with your name, age, occupation and city, along with 5 or so images (jpeg or gif; 80K max. per image) depicting your humble habitat (if you have more photos you'd like us to check out, you can send a link to a photo set as well).

previous open house features... 
04.02.07 | As Digs editor Yee-Fan and her boy prepare for some big changes in their own household less than a year after moving into their toronto abode, they invite you in for a peek into their pad in progress

10.16.05 | Banish the boring neutral! Get inspired as we take you on a tour of the fabulous apartment avowed color-phile Eve shares with her fiancé in upstate New York. Check it out: in full color

09.19.05 | Last fall, Digs' editor Yee-Fan sold her Tucson home and moved all the way across the Atlantic for a two-year stint in Edinburgh. Learn about some of the challenges she and the boy faced as they went back to the renters' life, as she invites you in for a visit to their edinburgh loft

05.09.05 | When grad students Nicole and Drew first saw the house they would eventually buy, they looked beyond the bad decor and wear-and-tear. Check out how these first-time homeowners renovated their tucson roost and turned a pad that had suffered heaps of renters' abuse into a stylish abode. 

01.10.05 | Former city-dweller Erin moved to a small town in New England, and set to work fixing up a place that had suffered from years of previous tenants' abuse and neglect. Check out how she turned a dark and dreary rental place into the cozy cottage of her dreams. 

...check out more in the archives


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