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Spiffing up the Spartan
1. Think big with your wall-art: Walls don’t have to be jam-packed with pictures and posters and paintings to feel like they’ve been properly decorated. A single large frame, properly placed, can make the surrounding area seem like interesting white space rather than something desperately in need of being covered. Mount small pictures with a large matte border to maximize the impact of whatever artwork you happen to have. What’s that – you haven’t got any artwork? Nonsense; you’re just not thinking hard enough! Check out our Post-Posters article for ideas and inspiration.
2. Colorize!: You’re obviously a person of minimalist tendencies – but there’s a big difference between gorgeously spare and just plain empty, and the easiest way to turn the latter into the former is through smart use of color. Paint the walls in a sassy color, or bolder (and faster) still, paint just a single wall to make it a focal point. Other easy ways of injecting a dose of interesting color into your abode: add some throw pillows or toss on some slipcovers; paint the furniture; mount some shelves in colors that contrast with the wall.
3. Get creative with lighting: So painting sounds like too much work? Play with light instead. Replace your boring old white lightbulbs with pretty colored bulbs (I like red + yellow bulbs, which are universally flattering to all skin tones, or blacklights). Aim a colored light at the wall for instant washes of color.
4. Invest in an area rug: So what little furniture you have just floats in that big empty floorspace, does it? Lucky you … space is indeed a luxury, but to help create a cozier ambience – even if all you’ve got is a TV and a sofa – define the sitting area with a rug.
5. Get houseplants: There’s nothing like a little greenery to bring some life into a cold, empty place. Houseplants are cheery, and, if you choose the right ones, provide a lot of satisfaction – it’s supremely rewarding to watch your itty-bit stub of a plant bloom into something lush and showy -- with a minimum of fuss. Got a bright, sunny room? Go with cacti or bromeliads, which look nifty, love the sunshine, and require very, very infrequent watering. So you live in cave-like conditions, with nary a ray of sunshine penetrating its depths? Devil’s ivy is the choice for you … tolerant of low-light conditions and virtually un-killable, these plants grow like mad if you give them even the slightest amount of care. Other good choices include ficus plants, spider plants, and aloe plants.

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