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Click to see what this space looked like beforebye-bye bad wallpaper | The master bedroom originally featured bamboo wallpaper. As Nicole notes: "The bamboo wallpaper wasn't quite the look we were going for. So, with steamer in one hand, and a putty spatula in the other, the bamboo wallpaper was scraped off. As with the rest of the house, the walls got a fresh coat of paint. The other changes included putting in some colorful velvet drapes, and replacing the closet doors with bi-fold mirror doors." (Click to view the old space)

coming up roses | A funky personal touch are the dried roses hanging from the ceiling around the bed. Nicole explains: "The roses were a gift from Drew just before my departure for a 2-month student sabbatical in Germany. The original intention was simply to temporarily hang the roses from the ceiling to dry. They were arranged around the bed just to do something fun and different. Each was attached by looping a white thread around the stem, and pinning the thread to the ceiling with a thumbtack. We liked the look the flowers gave the room, so we left them there." >