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eve, 26 (registered nurse) and jason, 26 (construction), along with cat Spike and puppy Bauer
2 to 3 bedroom apartment in upstate NY, near Albany (one of the bedrooms has been turned into the dining room)
on finding the right balance in decorating
"Minimalism is nice but I like some level of coziness. I think I achieved the first fairly well by using larger furniture, but not a lot of pieces. And furniture placement makes a HUGE difference. As far as cluttered/bare, it's been a bit difficult to achieve -- a few tries before I hit something that looks 'on.' I try not to use a specific formula because I want things to be a bit unexpected & fresh (like the wall decor above the TV stand). It helps that my best friend & I were both art majors & college roommates in our first apartment, and were quite over the top with our decorating schemes. It makes it easier to think of crazy solutions that somehow work. We're kind of each other's decorating partner-in-crime."
eve's tip o' the day
"[Crate and Barrel] really has a lot of awesome patterns that are almost mod in appearance. And -- they sometimes have a lot of Marrimekko designs on shower curtains, etc that could definitely be used to make curtains, etc. It's a lot less expensive than trying to buy Marrimekko fabric by the yard." 

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