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in the mood for something ... quintessentially quasi-adult?
If you're looking for reassurance that you're not the only one experiencing that twentysomething angst concerning work, love, and the meaning of life, look for these flicks at your video store. 
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Before Sunrise 1995 drama, romance
Bottle Rocket 1996 comedy
Charlotte Sometimes 2002 drama
Chasing Amy 1997 drama, comedy
Clerks 1994 comedy
Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns 2003 documentary
Garden State 2004 drama
Graduate, The 1967 comedy
Kicking and Screaming  1995 comedy, drama
Kissing Jessica Stein 2002 comedy
Last Kiss, The 2006 drama
Love and other Catastrophes 1996 comedy, foreign [Australian]
Motorcycle Diaries, The 2004 foreign, drama
Mutual Appreciation 2005 comedy
Napoleon Dynamite 2004 comedy
Noi Albinoi 2003 foreign [Iceland], drama
Pieces of April 2003 drama
Puffy Chair, The 2005 comedy
Reality Bites 1994 drama, comedy
School of Rock 2003 comedy
Shaun of the Dead 2004 comedy, horror
Singles 1992 comedy
Slacker 1991 comedy
Swingers 1996 comedy
The Tao of Steve 2000 comedy
Walking and Talking 1996 comedy
Winter Passing 2005 drama

NOTE: We haven't yet provided plot synopses and reviews for many of the recommended videos ... but we'll be rectifying this as time goes on.  Videos that have been reviewed are linked to the relevant reviews.

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