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shine on, 
a garden-fresh summer menu  
by Faith Heinauer 

The lightning bugs are out, daisies are blooming and the eatin’ is good and fresh… it must be summertime!

Warm summer days bring fresh herbs, delicious veggies, and sweet, ripe fruits aplenty. Scallions and basil, eggplant and zucchini, melons and berries galore -- mmm mmm mmmmm. Summer grub’s just bursting with the true, full flavors of fresh produce at its peak. And the best way to let those flavors shine through is by keeping the cooking simple. Try roasting, sautéing, steaming or grilling vegetables and even fruit – all easy techniques that are guaranteed to produce delicious results. Go ahead … experiment with Mother Nature’s finest.

All of the recipes in this summer menu are adaptable, so go ahead and substitute ingredients freely, with whatever you happen to have on hand. Even if you’re not lucky enough to be growing fresh summer goodies in your own backyard garden, you can (and should!) grab a pair of shades and your wallet, then mosey on over to your favorite local farmer’s market to find inspiration from the very freshest of the day’s offerings. Never promise anyone a rose garden, but go ahead and pledge a garden-fresh dinner anytime.

the menu
Scallion couscous
a speedy side dish flavored with summer herbs
Braised garden veggies 
with fresh herbs

a tasty and colorful vegetarian main dish 
Vanilla cake
fast, simple and elegant 

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Faith Heinauer is a caterer, cookbook author and head cheese at Bitchin' Kitchen. She's committed to developing quick and sassy ways for folks to work and play with their food. Check her out  at www.bitchin-kitchenonline.com

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