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ho, ho, holiday Cards
3 cool cards you CAN try at home |
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Fancy stuff Ö
Holiday Present/Ornament Card
My college graphic design professor used to say that a good card has a surprise. It says one thing when itís closed; then transforms into something else once itís opened. This card starts off as a present, tied up in a simple ribbon bow. Untying the bow to open the present/card reveals a Christmas tree ornament "hanging" off the ribbon.

materials | cardstock/watercolor paper, decorative ribbon, razor knife (such as an Exacto blade), hole punch

1. Cut a letter-size piece of cardstock in half, lengthwise, to get an 11"x4.25" size piece of card.
2. Cut out a 28" length of ribbon.
3. Fold the cardstock asymmetrically, leaving a 1" or so difference between the card front and the card back. Decorate the front edge by slicing it at a slant (use a razor knife and ruler to get a crisp line), using scissors to cut a wave, or gently tearing off the edge.
4. Lay the card flat on a clean cutting surface. Use your knife to cut two slits: one on the front of the card, about ľ" in from the fold, and just above the horizontal center, and a corresponding one on the back of the card, ľ" in from the right edge of the card. The length of the slit should be just slightly larger than the width of your ribbon.
5. Pencil in the outline of a Christmas tree ornament on the back of your decorative paper. Donít trust your artistic skills? Print out our template and use it to trace out your shapes. Cut out the ornament.
6. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the top of the ornament. Cut a slit for the ribbon to go through, as shown.
7. Glue the ornament on the inside of the card, making sure that the slit on the ornament lines up with the slit on the front of the card.
8. Thread your ribbon through the two slits. Close the card and tie the two ends of the ribbon into a neat bow.


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