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the envelope please... inexpensive ways to snazz up your movie awards party by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2
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4 Make a (concessions) stand. Doing your party on a budget and can’t afford a big spread of chi-chi, black-tie-worthy eats? Create a concession stand and you’ll have an affordable menu of edibles that still goes perfectly with the party’s movie theme. Make and hang a big, cheesy “CONCESSIONS” sign over your food and drinks table. Divvy up popcorn into individual-size bags. If you can find actual popcorn paper bags at your favorite party store, by all means spring for them; otherwise, colored lunchbags, available at most party stores, look festive and work dandy too. You’ll also need piles of everyone’s favorite cinematic sweet treats, like Twizzlers, Milk Duds, Junior Mints and Sour Patch Kids. Set up your microwave on the table, and you can offer hot dogs for guests too, along with the requisite buns, ketchup, mustard and relish to accompany them. Alternatively, offer up some skewered cocktail wienies.

5 Silver and gold, silver and gold. Glitzy gold and shiny silver – paired with the ever-chic basic black – are the colors of choice for your awards shindig; meanwhile, anything with a star motif will be perfect. Get your hands on whatever cheap paper goods you can find to suit this theme at your local party store; you can also go DIY with your décor, by making big star cutouts from gold poster board, or jazzing up plain paper goods with a star rubber stamp and gold or silver ink.

6 Hang (with) the stars. Invite some of your favorite stars into your home – just search online and print out photos of movie celebs past or present, then pop them into your own picture frames for the evening’s festivities. With just a smidge more effort, you can also go life-size (or heck, even bigger) with your images by rasterbating them.

7 On the ballot. Make up ballots so guests can cast their votes for the winners before the festivities start. Set up a low-stakes pool, or have some inexpensive movie-themed prizes on hand – a gift certificate for a movie rental, a couple of tickets to a second-run movie theatre, a movie eats goodie bag stuffed with microwave popcorn and candy. For bonus crafty points, look for a Ken-doll while you’re out thrift-shopping (or check the dollar stores); glue onto a cardboard pedestal and spraypaint the whole thing gold to make a kitschy-fun trophy. Award whoever gets the most predictions right by night’s end … and demand they make an acceptance speech, of course.


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