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how to throw a superbowl party

by Yee-Fan Sun |
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No one who knows me would ever describe me as a big football fan. Football – heck, televised sports in general – just isn’t something I really get all that into. Still, I grew up with two brothers and a Dad who were devout Patriots fans … which means that despite my total lack of fan spirit, even I know that this particular time of year, the vast majority of America starts getting all geared up for Superbowl Sunday, now just a few weekends away.

While the game itself doesn’t exactly spin me into a fevered frenzy of excitement, I’m a sucker for any good excuse for a gathering. I may not love football all that much, but a good Superbowl party? Count me in.

Yes, a Superbowl party offers the perfect way to end that post-holiday social dead zone known as January. It’s a low-fuss, low-key sort of shindig that doesn’t demand a whole lot on the part of the host/ess beyond a reasonably-sized TV, decent reception, some comfy seating, and a spread of familiar, easy-to-prep, homey eats. Still, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you make plans to host the big event.

fuel up…
You and your guests might not be doing anything more strenuous than lounging around in front of the boob tube come Superbowl time, but hey, all that loafing demands the proper fuel. A football-viewing party just isn't the same without a hearty smorgasbord of food and drink.

As you're planning your array of edibles, you'll want to keep the foods nice and simple. Your Superbowl-fest is not the time to be getting all fancy-schmancy-pants gourmet. Football, after all, is not froufrou, and your menu shouldn’t be either. Practically speaking, too, edibles that can be prepped ahead of time and don’t require a whole lot of last-minute fuss are best, to ensure you can enjoy the game as much as your guests. Foods should also be easy to eat on a plate balanced on your lap, which means nothing that requires folks to cut up their food with knife and fork while digging in.

Basically, you’ll want eats that can be pre-prepared and quickly thrown into the oven to cook or heat up, like wings, quesadillas and casseroles. Crockpot goodies are also perfect, stuff like stews, soups and, of course, that football food classic, chili. If you do decide to do the chili thing, in either the meat-a-licious or veggie form, make sure to offer all the fixings too, from sour cream, shredded cheese and tortilla chips to chopped avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, jalapenos and more. Alternatively, save yourself the effort of having to do any cooking at all: get some good fresh loaves of your favorite non-pre-sliced bread and make up some big sandwiches. Assemble the monster sandwiches, then cut them up into easy-to-grab portions.

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