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touchdown! how to throw a superbowl party
by Yee-Fan Sun
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Meanwhile, youíll also want plenty of chip and dippy type stuff that can just sit out at room temperature. Try making up some fresh salsa and guacamole to serve with tortilla chips; whip up a creamy dip and offer potato chips and raw veggies; make hot artichoke dip and set it out with a mountain of pita bread wedges. Bowls of nuts, spiced or just plain salted, are also ideal for snacking. Of course, donít neglect to offer something for sweet tooths too; again, good olí traditional basics are best, like chocolate chip, oatmeal-raisin or peanut butter cookies, or a big plate of fudgy brownies.

When it comes to offering something to wash all that food down, the choice is obvious: football means beer. And plenty of it. A rough estimate for your average crowd is that youíll need about 2 six-packs for every 3-4 people. (Although if you know for a fact you hang with hearty drinkers or complete lightweights, adjust your quantities as necessary.) Donít forget to stock up on soda too, for those who arenít imbibing the alcoholic stuff. Itís also nice to have some hot beverages on offering, especially as the game and party draw to a close and folks have to start sobering up to get ready for the drive home; brew up some coffee, and boil up water for tea and and hot cocoa.

get comfortable
When it comes to getting your pad ready for your little event, comfy couch-potato décor is the main goal. Pull out as many pillows as you can find and scatter them around for folks to grab as needed; have some throw blankets handy as well, to ward off any chills. Rearrange your seating as necessary to ensure that everyone has a reasonably decent view; clear off some floor space too, for those who prefer to lay out with just a few pillows.

As you're setting things up, make sure to have some snacks accessible from all seating areas, instead of piling everything on the coffee table in the middle of the room, where only a few folks are likely to be able to reach for munchies without getting up off their butts. Scatter bowls of nuts, chips and other light bites in key places all over the room. And keep a big cooler of beer readily accessible in the TV-viewing vicinity too.

Meanwhile, for the main eats, put together a buffet table, where people can get up and help themselves as the nibbles strike. For extra bonus points, if you happen to have a small second TV handy, consider setting it up by the buffet table, so diehard fans donít have to worry that theyíll miss something good every time they get up to refill their plates.

Lastly, donít forget to make plenty of napkins available. Football food tends to be messy, so make sure folks have napkins on hand to wipe greasy fingers and lips Ė and to mop up any spills that might result when excited guests start gesticulating wildly at the TV.


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