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2. Have a drink
Tumblers, highballs and collins glasses may be intended to house beverages, but their height and clean lines also make them prime candidates to hold small bouquets, or a single large blossom. But what if your glassware is just too small to fit your bouquet? You canít very well squeeze a dozen red roses into a single glass tumbler, after all. Instead, separate the bunch and divide the flowers among several separate containers. Cluster different-sized containers for an informal display, or line up identical containers for a sleeker, more formal look. 
Hint: an odd number of containers will tend to look more balanced than an even number.

3. Recycle your tinware
Pretty tea canisters, tin cans (labels removed, of course), and, if youíre really desperate, even soda cans with the tops cut off, can all be used to hold flowers. One word of caution, however: avoid containers made of iron, or anything else thatíll rust Ö remember youíll be putting water into these vessels.

4. Geek out with labware
Iíve actually seen test tube-inspired bud vases in fancy designer houseware shops, but why bother shelling out all that dough when you can get the real thing for cheap (or even free)? Glass labware comes in an amazing variety of funky shapes and useful sizes -- try scientific beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, or test tubes (arrange tubes on racks, or make hanging bud vases using wire). If youíre not a scientist yourself and donít have any lab-rat buds who might be willing to purloin an Erlenmeyer flask or two, you can buy your own labware through scientific supply companies, educational supply companies, even home brewing catalogs.


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