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5. Coffee or tea?
Fill that antique silver coffeepot you snagged at a flea market with fresh roses, or tuck a little bouquet of tulips in that hand-me-down porcelain teapot. Teapots in particular tend to be fairly short, and work best as vases when the flower stems are cut quite short.

6. Pretty as a pitcher
Both ceramic and glass pitchers or jugs make perfect flower containers because they tend to have fairly small openings that prevent your bouquets from spreading out too much. My 1920s/1930s water pitcher – the one with the sketchy bright orange glaze – doesn’t get much use as a water dispenser, but its cheery tangerine hue and cute round shape make it a perfect match for big, bright flowers.

7. The (watering) can- can
They’re not just for potted plants … watering cans, especially those made of galvanized aluminum or copper, make charming flower vases as well. Cute,  cheap, watering cans are readily available at Target and IKEA. And, when they’re not housing flowers, they’ll make it heaps easier for you to keep your houseplants alive – no more dripping water all over your woodwork as you attempt to pour a tumbler full of water into the pot!



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