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when the
eather outside is frightful...
by Sumi Raghavan |
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Although sixty more minutes of what dreams may come is no small perk, Daylight Savings Time means more than an extra hour of sleep. The time change is also a sign that summer is officially over, making way for frigid mornings and rainy evenings, not to mention icy winter nights. Throw in some wind and your hats and umbrellas are easily rendered useless. Yes, it's looking less than inviting out there these days.

Of course, if you're anything like myself, a twenty-something New Yorker on a budget, your apartment's windows get no natural light and don't face the street; the only way you'd know how frightful it really is outside is by turning on the local news. Although I love my tiny apartment and it's my home sweet home, a snow day wouldn't exactly excite me now the way it did at mom and dad's place. Still, this time of year, there are many nights when the not-so-great outdoors leaves me stuck inside whether I like it or not.

So here's the scene: the rain's coming down pretty hard; it's cold and downright nasty outside the comfort of your own digs. The weatherman is predicting a wet weekend, and the chances of even venturing out to pick up your laundry are looking pretty slim. Forget about making it to that party/show/miscellaneous social event your friend's cousin's roommate is throwing; you, yes YOU, find yourself facing an unexpected evening on the couch. This can sound pretty lame when your apartment is smaller than your parents' walk-in closet, your neighbor's wireless connection that you're mooching off of isn't steady enough to allow for good cybersurfing, and you don't have cable -- but it doesn't have to be. For an evening like this, you can always fall back on classic favorites like reading and watching movies. Or for something a little different, check out some of these suggestions for keeping your rainy evening from being a total wash...

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