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let's go to bed how to buy a new bed
by Yee-Fan Sun
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size matters
Unless you plan to live the life of a monk, at some point in your quasi-adult years, you will be sharing that bed with another person, which makes a double/full-size bed the bare minimum that you'll be considering in terms of mattress size. But if you're neither short nor slim, or you just like plenty of room when you sleep, a double might feel a little cramped. A queen-sized bed probably offers a better solution if you can afford the added cost. Unless you're a veritable giant and you know with absolute certainty that you will be living in very spacious accommodations for the next decade or so, I'd steer clear of space-hogging kings.

where to go
Internet and phone-based mattress retailers do exist, and can offer good prices, but personally, I can't imagine buying a mattress without being able to check it out in person first. If you do go with one of those options, make absolutely certain that you can easily return the mattress if it just doesn't work out for you.

If you're going the in-person route, mattress stores and big department stores both offer a plethora of bed options. Ask people you know where they got theirs, and how happy they've been with both the mattresses and the stores. Find a store that has a big selection, a good reputation (you can check the Better Business Bureau for complaints), and a sales staff that takes the time to answer all your questions in a way that inspires trust. 

Bear in mind that comparison-shopping specific mattresses across stores can be tricky, as different stores often have their own names for mattresses made by the same manufacturers; you can compare by looking at the detailed specs if you're really into doing your research, but for the most part, everyone's offering the same mattresses and prices are generally negotiable. So the main thing you'll want to do is compare the sort of service you get from stores you're considering buying from. Ask about delivery (which should be free), ask about old mattress removal (likewise), ask about return policy (and get the fine print). But most of all, make sure you actually feel comfortable with the sales staff. Be very very wary of any salesperson whose tactics are clearly designed to steer you to the pricier mattress sets despite the fact that you're perfectly happy with more affordable models.

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