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let's go to bed how to buy a new bed
by Yee-Fan Sun
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As you've been testing potential bed candidates, you've probably noticed that there seems to be a huge range in how much these babies can cost. Good-quality new mattress and box spring sets start at around $600-$1000 bucks or so and can go way on up. So how much should you really spend?
how long can you go?
If you're budget's tight, there are a few tricks for getting a good quality bed for a lower price. First, some stores sell floor samples at greatly discounted rates. These can offer a good deal, though make sure to test out and examine the mattress very, very thoroughly before buying. If floor models are still too pricey and if you're willing to buy used, try your local craigslist. As mattresses are big and heavy, folks sometimes get rid of perfectly good ones when they make a big move.

First of all, be aware that many mattress retailers vastly inflate their marked prices. If the sets you're looking at are in the store's mid-range and are still over the $2000 mark, chances are good that the store is expecting you'll haggle the price way way down, or that they frequently have sales that slash the prices. One store I looked at tried to lure us in by telling us they were having a special unmarked sale discounting all mattress sets by 50%. As it turned out, at 50% off, this basically just put their beds at the same price as other stores. Essentially, with mattresses, it never hurts to ask whether they can go any lower on the price, or if they're expecting to have a sale anytime in the near future.

Now, while there doesn't seem to be a huge difference from one big brand name to the next, most mattress manufacturers do make their mattress lines in a range of quality options. At the obscenely high end of the spectrum, you get bells and whistles like silk padding that, unless you have money to burn, won't really serve much purpose at all. But for the most part, the higher the price tag, the more durable and sturdy the mattress will be. If you're a waif of a person, you can probably get away with a less heavy-duty bed; if you know you're going to making a big move in a few years anyway and may not be able to bring the bed along, likewise. But if budget allows it and you're not expecting to be making any big moves for a good while yet, don't totally cheapskate out either. Basically, buy the most comfortable, durable bed you can reasonably afford, and you'll be rewarded with many good nights of sleep in years to come.


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