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space savers how to make more room
by Yee-Fan Sun
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8 Flat as a (card)board Anyone who's ever made a big move knows how hard it always seems to be to score some sturdy cardboard boxes when you actually need them. So I understand why so many of us are loath to pitch those boxes after we move in. Still, let's face it: boxes takes up an awful lot of space. If you're determined to keep them around for your next move, make sure to break them down flat. Once they've been flattened, you can easily store them under furniture, behind furniture, at the way back of the closet -- wherever you can eke out an unused half-inch or so of space.

9 Media management Transfer media to binders -- or better yet, convert to digital. After all, for anyone with a halfway decent collection, those CD and DVD cases can take up a lot of space. Back in my old pad, our media collection required a monstrosity of a rotating storage unit that occupied a 2.5'-round footprint and stood about 4-feet high. Moving overseas, we finally converted the majority of our music collection to mp3s, organized our DVDs into 2 big fat binders, and left those space-consuming media boxes in storage.

10 Off with the door! Doors between rooms often serve no good purpose except to get in the way. Yeah, you'll probably want to leave the bathroom and bedroom doors be, but if there's a door between your kitchen and main living space -- now that there can probably come off just fine. Without the door, you don't have to worry about leaving enough space for the door to swing open, giving you just enough extra room to maybe squeeze in another small bookcase, some additional wall shelving perhaps.


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