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Rice may be basic, but there's not a cook out there who hasn't had some rice mishap or another at some point in their cooking history. Maybe you've grown up on Minute rice and fluffy rice pilaf, and haven't a clue why your sushi rice never cooks up sticky enough. Or maybe you grew up on short-grained Chinese rice, and naturally assume that the short-grained Arborio rice you see at a supermarket in Italy can be cooked up just like Mom does her rice back home. The fact is that rice is simple, but only once you know a few basic facts about the many varieties that are available out there, and how to deal with them.

rice basics

what's the difference between long-grain and short-grain rice? tell me

is it really necessary to rinse rice? tell me

how do you cook rice?
tell me

how do I know how much rice to cook? tell me

Why canít I get my brown rice to cook properly? 
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. Trial-and-error has its place in the learning process of cooking,  but letís face it, we could all save ourselves a lot of time Ė and the waste that comes from having to toss those inedible accidents in the garbage Ė if weíd just ask when we donít know something. Your know-it-all big sister will probably laugh at you if you call her up in a panic because you don't know how to boil water, since hey, thatís what siblings are for. But Iím here to assure you that itís far sillier to avoid cooking altogether just because you feel like youíre too old to admit you donít already know how.

Still, I know youíve got that pesky pride. So here's your source for answers to those really stupid food questions that youíd never take the risk of embarrassing yourself to ask out loud.

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