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super smoothies
tips and tricks for making a perfect fruit smoothie | 
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How to make a smoothie
Smoothie recipe books do exist, but they’re really only good for inspiration. The one sure way to get a perfect smoothie is to forget about the measuring cups, and rely on a little trial and error. The ripeness of the fruit, whether the fruit is frozen or not, as well as how good a job your blender does of pulverizing the ingredients will all factor into the amount of time you’ll need to blend your ingredients, and the final consistency of your smoothie. A proper smoothie should be just liquidy enough that you can suck it up through a straw without having to strain your lungs to the point of bursting.

What will generally happen is that you’ll toss your ingredients into the container, zizz it all up for four minutes or so (it may look blended in less than that, but let the blender go a bit longer to make sure that you get all the chunks), and the smoothie will either be too thick or too watery. If the blender blades whir and whir without making a dent in any of that fruit you’ve crammed in, turn off the blender, add a little more liquid, then remove the container and give it a good shake to loosen up the ingredients. If after the first zizz, your smoothie is closer to the solid state than the liquid state, add juice, milk, soymilk, even water, then blend it all for another couple of minutes. If your smoothie resembles juice, on the other hand, thicken it up with ice, banana, frozen yogurt or ice cream, all of which will give a smoothie instant body.

. Mango Lassi

Not exactly an authentic recipe for a mango lassi, this smoothie is inspired by the flavors of that yummy Indian beverage ...

1 mango
1 cup plain yogurt
2/3 cup water
dash of cinnamon
dash of cardamom
ice (optional: use it to thicken if desired)

Once you’ve achieved the right consistency with your smoothie, pour it into a nice, big glass and pop in a straw. Then find a nice shady spot with a good breeze, kick back with your concoction and enjoy!

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