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hosting a 
day-after PARTY

by Jessica Zierten |
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As any good smarty-pants knows, last yearís Y2K paranoia was premature. The real millennium begins Jan. 1, 2001. Thatís why this yearís New Yearís Eve should be the pinnacle in debauchery. It may be your last.

You, no doubt, will be attending or hosting magnificent parties, wearing special-occasion leather pants or little black dresses, and eating luscious morsels of catered food. You will also probably have a little bit to drink. Just a teency-weency little bottle of Champagne, a Lilliputian fifth of whiskey, a petite 12-pack of high-octane cider or beer. You know, just enough to make you forget you tried to kiss your best friendís brother at the stroke of midnight.

Itís tradition to get drunk, stay up all night, then spend New Yearís Day recovering in front of the television, watching the Pasadena Rose Parade or football half-time shows.  But, letís face it, the parade is pretty boring.  Wouldnít it be more fun to get together with the folks you got drunk with the night before, providing the perfect opportunity to re-hash certain events that may be just a little hazy in your post-party-afflicted heads? Itís time to start planning your Day-After Party.

Getting People to Show Up
The first thing to decide on is a time. Shoot for noon on New Yearís Day. The marathon drinkers will most likely have just fallen asleep, but normal people will have accumulated a good 5-6 hours of shuteye before they appear at your door. Make invitations and mail them out at least a week before the party.

Invitation Ideas:

  • Trace an aspirin bottle and use it as a pattern for cutout invitations on heavy white paper.

  • Tell people to go ahead and wear their comfy clothes. Sweatpants, slippers, and robes are all proper apparel for a Day-After Party.

  • Hand out the invitations again at the New Yearís Eve party to remind starry-eyed partygoers that there is more fun to be had the next day.

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