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Prepare your home for excellent laying-around comfort. Light all the candles you have, and provide a few blankets scented with soothing fabric softener. Pick up some non-taxing magazines like People, Cosmopolitan, and Bon Appetit and arrange them on the coffee table. Have a supply of aspirin, antacids, and B- complex vitamins (the thiamin abbreviates the effects of alcohol in your system.) Think of how you nurse your own hangovers, and then multiply it by the number of guests you expect.

Hair of the Dog
Most of your guests will balk at the mere thought of any alcoholic beverages the Day After. But, they say, the cause is the cure. Itís up to you to show them that a little dose of their current enemy will actually make them feel a whole lot better. Provide a light beer for thirsts unsatisfied the night before, and stock a few cans of Guinness to satisfy more Irish tendencies to jump back into the swing of things.

Itís very important to have enough coffee for everyone. If all you have is a 10-cup maker, consider renting a church-style coffee urn with a spigot so no one goes un-medicated. The proper accompaniment for the coffee is Baileyís Irish Cream liqueur, though Iíve found that lower-cost alternatives such as Carolanís or Emmetís are comparable. 

More Beverages to Keep Handy:

  • Cold, bottled water. And plenty of it.
  • Bloody Marys are always a welcome day-after sight. Provide the ingredients: Tomato juice, vodka, celery salt, Tabasco, Worcestershire, horseradish, black pepper, sliced lemons, pickles, celery stalks, and fancy garlic-stuffed olives if you like. Then let your guests serve themselves.
  • Orange and cranberry juices, and mango nectar. Have readyan iced bottle of high-quality vodka to chaperon the juices.
  • An assortment of teas, and a squeeze bottle of honey. Try genmaicha, a green tea fortified with bits of toasted brown rice, and lapsang souchoung, a smoked black tea that smells like liquid campfire.
  • Make a pitcher of Rumplestiltskins: Mix 2 cups orange juice with a packet of Crystal Light Lemonade in a pitcher or shakable container. Add some crushed ice and fill to top of container with cheap, light beer. Shake or stir vigorously. Serve with more ice and straw in tall glass. Sounds weird, but quenches thirst better than Gatorade.

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